About Us

We will introduce you to the main people who work with the puppies and dogs here at Shelbo Schnoodles

Our Family

Bob and I (Shelly) have been married since March 1981. We started our family in 1984 and have three great kids who share our love of animals. Our family has grown, but nobody seems to go to far from home.


Over the years we have shown dogs in AKC conformation shows and trained in obedience, agility, earned CGC titles, worked with rescue and the Humane Society. After working with the Humane Society we learned of the hardship many dogs face and how many never enjoy a decent life. We also learned that most dogs end up at the humane society because people get cute puppies without learning what it takes to raise a puppy of different breeds...hyperactive Huskies, wandering Beagles, dog aggressive Pitbulls, herding instincts of the German Shepherd Dogs, etc...  If people could find an average, easy to train, nonshedding, healthy, easily housetrained dog and spay/neuter then there may be less dogs heading to the humane society every year. This is when we started thinking about breeding a mixed breed like the Schnoodle!



My name is Shelly Hanson and I am the founder of Shelbo Schnoodles. Although I do not physically run our breeding program because of health reasons, I do still guide the family.


When I decided to start breeding Schnoodles I always knew I was doing the right thing, but I also knew it would not go over well with other purebred breeders so I was prepared to answer questions...which I did for about 6 years non-stop.


Over 15 years later, some purebred breeders still in the AKC show business are even breeding mixed breeds, as the theory behind the mix breedings has been proven. Careful breeding of two outstanding breeds can produce hybrid vigor and excellent mixed breed puppies! : )







Bob has retired now. He is the one who takes care of our little farm. He does all the outdoor chores and some of the indoor ones. When he gets time for himself he spends it boating, fishing, ice fishing or with the grandkids.


The question he hears most often, "How tall are you?!!" The answer is 6'6  : )