Shelbo Available Adoptions

Miniature Schnauzers in general are excellent family dogs! Their outgoing, intelligent, confident, social, playful, loyal, affectionate and FUN! They do not "shed" and need to be groomed every 8-12 weeks.  They can be great for people with allergies, as they seem to be acceptable with many including my own allergies to dogs.  Schnauzers ADORE children! They love to be included with family activities. Schnauzers may be willing to learn just about anything to be included in the fun!

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Miniature Schnauzer

2 year old intact Male

Liver parti - Hazel/Green eyes

14 pounds & 14 inches at shoulders

Positives: Versace is a wonderful gentleman who is loyal, confident, intelligent, affectionate and easy-going! He loves his family! He would need a refresher course on housetraining as he is currently a stud dog. We would consider selling him to a small breeder. As a breeder he produced some beautiful puppies, many colors and varieties.

Not-so-positive: He would need a refresher course on housetraining.

Adoption Fee: $1,250