Grooming A Schnoodle

With the Schnoodle being so popular everyone wants a "look" that is all Schnoodle! Sadly many groomers still try to groom a Schnoodle either like a Poodle or a Schnauzer but owners of a Schnoodle have been voicing their opinion, they want the Schnoodle to have their own look. Several years ago my son and I spent many days getting photos and writing detailed instructions to make the Schnoodle look. This has become well-known as the actual Schnoodle cut.

Here is a small example of the grooming information...

Hold the ear flap in your finger tips, holding it down with your thumb and using either the # 4F or # 10 blade - depending on how long you would like the hair length on the ears - shave downward with the hair. * Beware - there is a double flap on the outer bottom of the ear flap. It is best to find these flaps before starting so you do not accidently cut the edge.

Hold the ear flap and shave the inner ear flap. Put the ear edge in between your fingers so you know exactly where the edge is and slowly cut near the edge of the ear to make the hair even along the ear flap. Be sure to remove the hair in the canal of the ear. To do this either use a small rounded tip scissors or you can pluck the hair out with fingers or forceps - they look like scissors but have teeth on the end and grab instead of cut. If plucking only remove a few hairs with each pull. If scissoring be certain to use a finger tip(pinky) to pull the hair in the canal upward, then use your finger tips to hold it as you scissor the hair as close to the canal as you can comfortably get.

Ear cleaning is a great way to help insure that a Schnoodle does not get an ear infection. There are products at most pet store's that will help clean out a dogs ears. We prefer to use our own ingredients and make a mixture that not only cleans the ear but also helps prevent and treat infections. We've been using this mixture for years and we have never had a dog with an ear infection.


* However I feel I should state that we do not pull hair from our dogs ears we use scissors. Some people believe that pulling hair leaves the ear exposed to infection.


                                   (Ingredients available in the PDF file grooming printouts)

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