Puppy Expectations


EXPECT the first and possible the second night to be noisy. With the puppy whining several times throughout the night or maybe on and off ALL night. Some puppies whine far less than others, it's just best to have everybody prepared.


DO not take the puppy out of his kennel. The puppy must not learn that he can be let out of the kennel by barking or whining. Otherwise you will have a very noisy dog who will expect you to follow his demands. If you get your puppy from a good breeder they will send a cloth toy with the smell of the siblings home with the puppy, this will help him sleep. A few comforting words from a new family member will be greatly appreciated by the puppy. A hand by the outside of the kennel door so the puppy can smell his new family member close by him.

EXPECT to take the puppy outside frequently during the day, until the puppy is about 4 months old.


DO take the puppy outside for potty breaks every 20-30 minutes when the puppy is awake. Increase the time as the puppy gets older. If the puppy is sleeping wake him up every two hours to go outside so that he does not have to wake up and whine while in the kennel or worse have an accident in his kennel.

EXPECT the puppy to chew, almost anything, for the first 6 months to one year.


DO be prepared to remove many things from his mouth until he learns not to pick everything up. Also give him a good pressed rawhide and other toys for the puppy to chew, but never put them in the kennel with the puppy. Only use them under your supervision. The only safe toys for the kennel is a 'nylabone' and the 'kong', they can be found at most pet stores.

EXPECT that the puppy will not always come to his name, even after the puppy knows his name.


DO train, train, train for recall...squat down to be more on the puppy's level when calling him. Use a small piece of jerky treat and call the puppy to you in a playful voice, when the puppy starts to come towards you raise your voice to a higher note and praise the puppy - encouraging him to continue moving toward you. Do this several times throughout the day in different locations. Continue to offer treats periodically when you call the puppy. Be sure to praise the puppy every time and never call the puppy to you for a negative reason - to put him in the kennel or scold him for doing something wrong, etc. The puppy must continue to be trained to recall for the first year. This is the most important thing to teach your puppy. It could save his life one day!

EXPECT the puppy to want to use its teeth to play. It will mouth on toes, fingers, chins, faces, ears, noses, etc... Puppies play with their littermates and mother by using their mouths. They will do the same thing with their people unless they are taught otherwise. Some puppies take very little teaching to stop mouthing while others do not get the message as quickly.

DO teach the puppy that this will not be tolerated - to do this you must be very firm and react immediately when the mouth is opened on your hand or another body part... lower your voice to almost a growl, saying "NO BITE" and carefully remove the hand from his mouth - now walk away. Do not remove your hand and give the puppy a toy or something else to "chew on".... this will confuse the puppy into believing you are rewarding the behavior. By removing yourself from the puppy he learns to be nice in order to keep you close.




DO allow the puppy to mouth on your hand and when the puppy seems to be mouthing slightly harder than usual just remind him "easy". If the puppy mouths to hard immediately say "ouch, no bite" remove your hand and walk away. This is called bite modification and it simply allows the Schnoodle to interact with you a little more on their level. Many - including myself - believe it strengthens the bond between Schnoodle and family as a dog must interact with their mouth. Many believe this will teach the dog never to bite humans any harder than taught.

EXPECT the puppy to sleep a lot. At 8 weeks old puppies only play hard for about 30 minutes and then they should sleep for a couple of hours. As they get older the awake time will grow longer.

DO let the puppy sleep. Sleep is very important for the puppy's growth - in mind and body.

EXPECT a happy, loyal, affectionate, intelligent and playful bundle of energy.

DO enjoy every minute with your Schnoodle as puppies grow up quickly.

EXPECT a clingy puppy when you first bring it home, it will not want to leave your feet. The puppy will follow your every move.

DO give the puppy time to get comfortable in its surroundings, possibly a couple of weeks, then it will venture further and further away.

EXPECT the puppy to be a little sensitive to noise.


DO introduce new sounds and situations too the puppy slowly. To much at one time can make a puppy become timid and nervous.

EXPECT many little messes in the yard.

DO watch where you walk and clean them up!

EXPECT the puppy to need lots of training. He will not know how to be the well trained dog you want him to be. He will do what HE thinks he is supposed to do.


DO take him to puppy kindergarten classes and some basic obedience classes as he gets older. Also don't let him do anything as a puppy that you will NOT want him doing as an adult dog. In other words, those things you may find cute right now may not be so cute when he is an adult! Start training him as a puppy to be the DOG you want him to be.

EXPECT the puppy to want to jump up putting his front feet on you when he greets you.


DO train your puppy to "sit", instead of jumping up. To teach sit have the puppy stand in front of you, hold a small piece of jerky dog treat over his head just out of his reach and move it backward over his head as you say SIT. After you have taught "sit" you can use this to greet your puppy. When the puppy approaches say sit and lower yourself to his level and praise and greet him.

EXPECT the puppy to find every little lint ball, twig, leaf, carpet fringe, cord, button, cigarette butt etc... and to put it in his mouth.

DO get down to puppy level and see what could be interesting to the puppy. Puppy proof your home and check it frequently for new things that could cause problems. Get used to removing things from his mouth and saying 'NO'.

EXPECT to groom the puppy frequently.

DO a weekly grooming with a good brushing, trim the nails and trim the hair away from the eyes, bottom, feet and ears. A visit to the groomer is required every 6-8 weeks.

EXPECT the puppy to have streaks of energy and to relieve that energy by racing around the room at top speed just for the sheer joy of it - It doesn't last very long and usually no harm is done. This has affectionately become known as "The Schnoodle 500"

DO sit back, enjoy and have a good laugh!

 Remember, this is all an important part of raising a great puppy to be an awesome dog.

"Only the best dogs can produce the best puppies"