Adoption Information



-- Take some time to look around and see what information we found important enough to add to our website. Visit several pages and before submitting an application. We also have references available, just ask : )

--  Our application asks many questions that are important in making our decision of whether or not we can accept an application. If we do not feel we will be able to find a puppy that fits a home we will not accept the application. The information is also important for us to help each family find the right puppy for their home.

-- We will reply to every application we get, either with a letter of approval or denial. If we do not reply within one week please email us to check on the status of the application. It would be likely that we did not receive the application, it was received but incomplete, or the email was not correct.

-- If an application is approved there will need to be a non-refundable/non-transferable deposit of $200 made securely via Paypal within 3 days. Paypal can take payments of any major credit cards, check card or a PayPal account. You do not need a Paypal account and we do not receive your information.

-- When the deposit is made and the date has been posted on the application we will send a notice telling the sender we received the deposit and the date it was received. This date is important only if we find a puppy to be perfectly suited for two or more homes requesting the puppy. If all else is equal we will look at the date of the deposit and offer the puppy to the home waiting the longest.

-- When we send a notice of deposit received we will also send an attachment with about 13+ pages of information, including what is needed for a puppy, training tips, potty breaking tips, kennel sizes, what is included in the puppy kit that comes with each of our puppies and more.

-- When the puppies are born we will figure out the date which the puppies will be ready to leave our home. This is the time frame that is best for the puppies to be moved to their new home. We will post it on our Nursery Page and hope that most of the puppies will go to their new homes at this time. However for those puppies remaining a convenient pick up time can be arranged.


-- As our puppies are growing in the first 6 weeks we watch their little personalities appear and as we watch them we make notes of things we see and feel about each puppy. When they are about 5 weeks old we start doing some basic tests with each puppy separately. These tests are done at the puppies most alert time of the day.

-- When we feel we have a good idea of the puppy's true personality we will then post them on the website on the nursery page. We will put an individual photo and a description of each puppy's personality on the page. Along with the photos and descriptions there will be a REQUEST FORM button at the bottom - once pressed a form will open to fill out with a box to put the number of each puppy in order of interest...just submit ONE form and your done.

-- We usually accept the request forms for less than 24 hours, then we go over each request and application to see which puppy fits with each family. We start with one puppy looking through all the applicants who have submitted a request for that puppy until the right home is found. If we have two or more homes that are all perfect for this one puppy we will then look at the dates on the applications and offer the puppy to the applicant who has waited the longest. If the best home is not found within those requested, the puppy will be left up for adoption and the request form will be posted again for the public to submit an application.

-- Each applicant may only fill out one request form per litter so if it is believed that any one of a few puppies would fit a home perfectly then request all of those puppies and we will help make the final decision from what we know of the puppies. We will only consider the puppies request by the applicant when placing the puppies.

-- When a puppy is requested and we feel the home would be a good choice, we will offer the adoption of this puppy to the applicant. The applicant must reply to our puppy offer with the remaining adoption fee sent via Paypal - this will make the puppy formally 'ADOPTED'. Everyone should be watching the nursery page to see if the puppies are "offered" - in which case the adoption of said puppy has been offered to an applicant and we are waiting on a final decision or "adopted" - in which case the applicant has completed the adoption of the puppy. If there is "available" under the description it is because a home was not found for the puppy from those requesting that puppy and it is still available for adoption from others interested.


-- When a puppy adoption has been agreed upon the final arrangements for the puppy pick up or delivery must be made. We prefer a Saturday morning as that is what is best for the puppy. However we are willing to accept other arrangements.

-- Pick up dates will be considered when placing the puppies. If we have two homes for one puppy and they are both great except for different pick up dates...we will most likely go with the best pick up date for the puppy - as close to 8 weeks old as possible.


Beyond the adoption fee of $1500-$3000 the possible fee's that may be necessary when adopting a puppy are as follows: 

Flight Certificate - NO longer needed. Please contact your airline to verify. IF needed $75 each. 

Delivery to the Airport - Fee of $85 - we will meet you at the airport so you do not need to rent a car or find another way out to our home. 

Delivery to a Specific Location - See Delivery Page - we can meet halfway or deliver the puppy to you or another person who will then deliver the puppy to you. 

Pet Carrier - You may purchase an airline approved soft carrier for the puppy from us and we will have it ready for puppy pick up. Puppy carriers are $75 each...depending on our costs when purchased. 

Pet Supplies - A list of items for puppy will be sent when a deposit is received.


We have puppies in ALL states. We even have a Schnoodle in Hong Kong! It is quite common for us to have four out of a litter of five puppies going out-of-state. We have several puppies in California, NY, Florida, Canada, Texas, Illinois, Maine, etc...It is also very common to have a member of the puppy's new family fly out and pick up the puppy and fly home with it under the passengers seat in the plane. A roundtrip made in one day works fine and is frequently done. We don't mean to make things difficult but because we are fully aware of the hazards in shipping a puppy we will not ship our puppies...absolutely no exceptions!

Here are a few things people have done to pick up their Shelbo Schnoodle or Schnauzer:

1) Drive to our home...from as far away as Canada!

2) Fly to Minnesota, drive to our home, pick up the puppy, drive back to the airport and fly home the same day. Or spend the night at a hotel near the airport and fly back the following day.

3) Fly out and drive a rental car back or drive a rental car out and fly back.

4) Fly in to Minnesota and have us deliver the puppy to the airport for an airport delivery fee of $85.00 - then make a quick return flight home.

5) Fly your own plane out to the small airport near our home and rent a car to come pick up the puppy! Well it happens : )

6) Meet us or have us deliver your puppy.....see the Delivery Fee page for more details. We can deliver a puppy by vehicle within 500 miles of our us for delivery fee if your location is not listed on the Delivery page.

7) Any new ideas? We're always willing to listen : ) Be creative and come get one of the best Schnoodle puppies available!!!


We dock our puppies tails at four 3-4 days old, depending on the size of the puppy. At which time we also have the dewclaws removed to prevent unnecessary surgery or a possible emergency call later in life. Our puppies ears are always left natural. We do not recommend cropping the ears like the Schnauzers.

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